Autowash Maintenance Corporation

Company Contact Information

90 Canal Street
Malden, MA 02148

Ron Campagna

  • Title: N/A
  • Phone: 800-395-2155
  • Fax: 781-324-2735
  • Mobile: N/A

About Autowash Maintenance Corporation

Autowash Maintenance is the largest stocking supplier of parts, cleaning solutions, and car wash equipment in New England.

Business Type: Distributors

Online Purchasing: Yes
Equipment Types: Full Tunnel, No-Touch In-Bay, Roll Over In-Bay, Self Service
Major Brands: Air Logic, American Changer, Armitsu Pumps, Armor All, Cat Pumps Inc., Compuwash, Diamond Shine, Dilling Harris, DRB, Erie, Fragramatics, General Pumps, GinSan, Hamilton Inc., Hydraflex Inc., Hypro, ICS, J.E. Adams, Jim Coleman, Meguiar’s, Micrologic, Oasis, Previte, Proto-Vest, Sonny's Direct, TSS Signs, Unitec Inc., Washworld Inc.
Delivery Services: Yes
Camera & Security: No
Car Wash Installation: Yes
Detailing Equipment: Not Defined
Financing Solutions: Yes
Modular Building Options: Yes
Site Evaluation Services: Yes
Turn-Key Car Washes: Yes

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