Aquas Group

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830 Waterman Avenue
East Providence, RI 02914

Matthew Unger

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  • Phone: 617-678-8881
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  • Mobile: 617-678-8881

About Aquas Group

AQUASGROUP offers end-to-end sustainable solutions for car wash rinse water recycling. While our sales and service capabilities do accommodate traditional water treatment equipment, our mission is to provide the car wash industry the opportunity for Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD); a term used to describe a system that recycles rinse water by completely cleaning it, enabling its indefinite reuse, and thereby eliminating the need for discharge. To accomplish our mission we are incorporating traditional reclaim design with new technologies that we have proven effective in bringing ZLD to other industries.

Business Type: Vendor & Manufacturers

Primary Products / Services: Car Wash Soaps and Solutions, Environmental Solutions, Maintenance Products & Services
Distributor Network: No
Multiple Warehouse Locations: No

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