CLICK HERE to make a pledge in support of NECA's lobbying activities on behalf of the industry during these challenging times.

Pledges of Support


Note: You can remit your pledge online using a credit card or make your payment by check mailed to the NECA office.

NECA fully recognizes its obligation to represent the interests of our industry. During these challenging times, we have been diligently working towards helping car washes operate in some capacity and eventually, to get permission, for all car washes to open once the first wave of non-essential businesses are given permission to open.

We have already retained legal advice at a significant cost to assist our efforts. To accomplish our greater goal, we have now hired Smith, Costello and Crawford, a highly recommended lobbying group with several former government representatives on staff. They will develop appropriate approaches and communications for a period of 12 months. Although they are focused on MA at this time, we may broaden efforts to include other New England states in which car washes are impacted.

In support of our efforts on behalf of the entire New England industry, we are asking for financial pledges. The amount of a voluntary pledge depends on the business and their situation. Suggestions: Larger car wash operators pledge $5,000 and single, smaller operators pledge $500 or whatever they can at this time.
We can accomplish so much more by working together and speaking as one.

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