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Annual Fall Membership Meeting

Price: $30.00 per person

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A Spirited Event

Join your NECA colleagues for an amazing, virtual event filled with information, applause and spirits. Spirits you ask??

On November 10th, as part of our annual fall meeting, we will conduct our election for the 2021 Board of Directors, honor our 2020 "You Make It Happen" award winner, and  feature a panel of members who will share new innovative strategies used by car washes during COVID.

To celebrate how our industry has navigated the recent months and lighten the mood, the main event of the evening will be a whiskey tasting. Registrants will receive a tasting package (and a tasting glass) of quality whiskeys delivered to the address provided in their registration. Our Board has worked to select several private barrels for this tasting which will include premium Bourbon, Rye, and Scotch and we have hired two whiskey experts to lead the tasting.

  • The Business Meeting: Brief state of the Association reports will be presented with special attention to our lobbying initiatives and digital reputation management program. We will elect our 2021 Board members and honor our 2020 "You Make It Happen" award winner.
  • The Panel Discussion: Innovative Responses to Ongoing Covid-19 Challenges
    What are some unique practices and tips you can learn from other businesses during the pandemic? Operators will share what they have done and their successes plus frustrations.

  • The Main Event: Expert sommeliers of spirits will lead our attendees in a privately curated whiskey tasting that will increase your appreciation, knowledge, and palette for fine spirits.
Note: The tasting is a 21+ event.

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