Recap of Fall Dinner and Program - Nov. 13, 2018

Expert Tips on Building and Maintaining Your OnLine Reputation

We're sorry if you couldn't make it to our terrific 11/13/2018 Fall Dinner Meeting and Program which was chock full of excellent tips and advice. Here are some highlights from each presenter.

Yelp - Damien Smith

97% of consumers read on line reviews and 53% expect a response

  • Claim Your Business - it's free and you're in charge of the content
  • Upload Photos - you'll get 12x more leads
  • Personalize the page with information about the owner, employees, special features of your business, seasonal items, photos, etc.
  • Respond to Reviews - thank people, ignore rants, respond to police criticism, do not hesitate to apologize

HubSpot - Jonathan Greenburg

  • Build out your online profile to gain visibility
  • After initial interaction at car wash, extend your reach with inbound (permission based contact) rather than outbound (interruptions that were not requested)
  • 4 Steps to Inbound Marketing
    1. Attract (Market yourself ex. building your Yelp brand, educate, create content)
    2. Convert (provide a call to action to which they need to respond)
    3. Close (make it easy to buy, deliver value)
    4. Delight (Personalize, deliver the unexpected, offer special programs)

Kure Creative - Chris Baker

  • Provide high quality content beyond posting a page
  • Use good quality photos with captions
  • Personalize by reporting  unique customer experiences
  • Personalize by featuring Employee spotlights are very popular since they personalize
  • Engage your followers by creating a need for them to respond and interact, which creates relationships
  • Reward those who respond more often
  • Use video to impress and answer questions


  • Maximize your visibility by using SEO (search engine optimization). Index your site to appropriate categories by search terms.
  • If you don't have time to do any of this, and your staff is maxed, consider employing an intern.
  • Use your logo as the building block of your brand.


Day of Event:11/13/2018
Time Starts:05:30 PM
Time Ends:09:00 PM


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