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Kudos to Adam Korngold of Waves Car Wash

Recognized with a The Most Distinguished Person award

KUDOS to Adam Korngold

Adam has been awarded the Environmental Merit Award for his car wash.

KUDOS to Brian Messina-You Make it Happen

This year's winner of the NECA You Make it Happen Award is Brian Messina of Pro Wash Car Wash.

KUDOS to Waves Car Wash

Waves Car Wash was honored recently for its green business practices, including the installation of 7,000 square feet of solar panels on the building’s roof...

KUDOS to Unitec Electronics President & CEO

Congratulations to Unitec Electronics President & CEO, Pamela Piro, who has received a Baltimore Smart CEO 2010 Brava!

Waves Car Wash Awarded Grant

NECA Treasurer Adam Korngold of Waves Car Wash was awarded a grant to install solar paneling at his location in West Roxbury.

Gary Sokoloski Wins 2009 “You Make It Happen” Award

Our honoree for the 2009 “You Make it Happen” Award has contributed to our industry for over 25 years. An extremely knowledgeable and respected individual in our industry...

Ron Bousquet Awarded First NRCC Hall of Fame Award

Ron Bousquet of Randy’s Car Wash, Medford, MA, was presented with the first-ever NRCC Hall of Fame Award by the 2009 NRCC....

Richard Gallagher wins ICA scholarship!

Richard Gallagher, who worked part-time at Briteway Car Wash in Marshfield throughout HS, has won an ICA scholarship.....

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