You Make It Happen! Adam Korngold, 2017 Honoree


   Adam Korngold joined NECA in March 2006, not long after graduating from Boston University. Even before he opened his wash in May 2006, he met with NECA members to learn all he could about operating a carwash business ... a very smart move by a very smart young man.

  By 2008, NECA invited him to join the Board of Directors as an operator director. He quickly moved up to the Treasurer's position in 2009 and served in that role through 2010. He then served as an operator VP in 2011-2012 and as President in 2013-2014, the youngest NECA president in recent memory. He has done so much to attract younger industry members and to move NECA into the digital age including developing and washforacause.

  In business, Adam is known for his smart use of social media, ability to build community and business connections to expand his customer base, and to engender loyalty from all who work with and for him. Waves' 2010 YouTube video of its staff working and dancing at the wash has attracted nearly 7,000 views. Some of those young staffers still work at Waves.

Since opening his wash, Adam has been at the forefront of initiatives to green his operations. In 2010, he received a $48,340 grant from the Commonwealth Solar Stimulus program which he used offset the cost of a $220,000 PV system that generates 20% of the washes' electrical needs. He celebrated going green by hosting an environmental fair to demonstrate the PV technology. Waves also uses energy efficient motors tied to Variable Frequency Drives, LED lights and has a water reclamation system.

In April 2011, he staffed a NECA Earth Day exhibit with representatives from the New England Water Works Association, further strengthening NECA's relationship with that organization of water regulators. At the event, he helped to spread the word that car washing is an environmentally friendly industry.

On October 4, 2011, Adam Korngold received The Most Distinguished Person award from the Northeast Regional Carwash Convention (NRCC). Adam, who has been featured numerous times in industry publications, was recognized for his environmental efforts.

Then, on May 11, 2011 the New England Office of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) honored Adam Korngold’s Waves Car Wash in West Roxbury, MA, with an Environmental Merit Award at a special ceremony at Faneuil Hall in Boston. Waves Car Wash was nominated by a customer, and chosen for its significant contributions toward preserving and protecting our natural resources. It was noted during the ceremony that Waves Car Wash is not only an environmentally friendly business but also works to educate the public on ways to conserve natural resources. Waves was cited as an example of a local business that has chosen to embrace green technology and practice responsible environmental stewardship.

A man of boundless energy and enthusiasm, Adam founded Washify in 2011, a company that offers point of sale system software. It has grown exponentially since then. He also has managed to find time to earn his MBA.

In 2013, Adam married Elizabeth Kraft (no relation to Bob). Perhaps their proudest achievement is their young sons, Warren and Grant.

So for all he has done and continues to do, we honor Adam Korngold with the 2017 NECA "You Make It Happen Award".


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