NECA's 2017 Winter Meeting Exceeds Expectations

Event Recap

A full house! Over 90 people registered to attend NECA's 2017 Winter Dinner Meeting on January 10th at the Hilton in Dedham. After a lively reception and delicious dinner, as is our tradition, President Dom Previte recognized some individuals who have generously given of their time to NECA.

  • From the time Steve Stockman assumed the presidency of Trans-Mate Products, he has been a very visible supporter of NECA's programs and activities, consistently providing sponsorship support as well as encouraging those in his company to be active, participating members. In 2013, he joined the Board as a Supplier Director and for the past two years, served as our Supplier VP. His considerable business experience and thoughtful input was invaluable in guiding the Board's decisions.
  • In 2012, the Board leadership experienced some upheaval as several members were unable to continue and move into officer positions. In 2013, Dave Ellard of Triple Play Car Wash, with his substantial business background, filled an important leadership vacancy by becoming our Treasurer. He brought fresh perspective to the Board and in 2014, moved up to the Operator Vice President position. A very quick study, he then served as President, providing steady and articulate leadership in 2015 and 2016. This past year, he reopened our strategic planning process and as our immediate past president, will be working to further advance our association.

Chris Brown of Myrrh Consulting delivered a terrific presentation on how to improve sales. His full slide show is available in the "members' only" section of this site for 30 days. We also have posted two of his presentation documents: Myrrh Revenue Power Survey and Profit Opportunity Calculator.

In addition, Chris has offered a complimentary 30-minute consulting session via webcast to each attending NECA Member business. This session can be used for, and not limited to, any of the following purposes:

  • Quantifying revenue opportunities, completing the documents.
  • Ask as many sales, management and/or operations questions they would like.
  • Sales or sales management troubleshooting.
  • Coaching sessions for service advisors (one or multiple).
  • Owner coaching, management mentorship or sales management coaching.
  • Owner problem-solving, strategy clarification or second opinion soundboarding.

He also encourages any owner who feels his company could help them to reach out, no matter how large or how small their objective/potential project may be. They have delivered on huge projects all the way down to tiny ones as low as $250. His company's only goal is to bring great value to great people. If it is an ethical and collaborative owner, he notes that they can almost always find a solution that makes sense for all parties.

Special thanks to Matt Unger of Atlas High Purity Solutions, formerly known as Region-X, for sponsoring our reception refreshments.

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