Covid-19 Resources


NECA urges all to stay connected while keeping a safe distance. Let us continue to support each other.

Please share what you are doing on NECA's LinkedIn page or email to NECA.

Here's what some operators in our area are doing now:

  • Removing every other vacuum hose to practice social distancing.
  • Ordering effecctive disinfectants from your trusted chemical supplier (see CDC list below)
  • Instituting across the board hourly reductions to lessen the affect on any one employee.
  • Shortening business hours and/or retaining only key personnel as business slows.
  • Detailing cars as long as our customers and employees are comfortable.
  • Providing staff training on the necessity of social distancing in the car wash, and the wearing and use of protective gear.
  • Deep cleaning all restrooms, staff break and customer use areas.
  • At scheduled intervals throughout the day, sanitizing all staff and public use surfaces: pre-wash guns, pay stations and payment keypads, vacuums, vending, door knobs, etc..
  • Offering customers advice on how to sanitize the interiors of their cars.

From ICA "Sharing Ideas in a Time of Crisis"

Here is some sources of information we have identified as relevant to the industry and for small businesses. You can't have too much good information, especially if your customers are asking questions.

New Hampshire
Rhode Island


Families First Coronavirus Response Act: Employee Paid Leave Rights

From Foley & Foley law firm (Family First Corona Virus Response Act)


From Consumer Reports

From WHIO-TV 7 - Boston 25 News

From Car and Driver

From Edmunds

From the CDC

From Car Pro USA

See attached letter below from the President of Harrell's

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