Dave Ellard 2019 You Make It Happen Honoree


You Make It Happen: Dave Ellard

On November 12th, NECA presented its "You Make It Happen" award to Dave Ellard of Triple Play Car Wash. This award recognizes exceptional service to NECA and the New England industry. The honoree does not know he is receiving this award so information is secretly gathered from family, colleagues and friends before the presentation.

Dave grew up in Dorchester ... which you can tell by his accent. He started out at St. Peter's School but as can be expected for a really bright Boston area kid, moved on to Boston Latin. When we asked his brother if he was involved in sports, he described his brother as more of an Eagle Scout, Junior Achievement kind of kid. We can see that!

He earned his undergraduate degree at Stonehill College, a MBA at the Univ. of Southern NH, and has never stopped learning. While earning his MBA, he worked in the accounting department of a small company, Boston Insulated Wire and Cable. He moved on to Stop and Shop where he held different accounting, finance and managerial positions. Then, he moved further up the corporate ladder, transitioning from accounting to the C-suite, at Boston Scientific and eventually EMC.

After retiring early from EMC, Dave started looking for his next career, which lucky for us, turned out to be in the car wash industry. He was researching getting into the business when he ran into Terrance Elder. Dave and Terrance knew each other through mutual friends, and Dave knew that Triple Play was already permitted and ready to be built. He asked Terrance if he was looking for a partner, and through a process of meetings, Terrance concluded that Dave would be a strong asset and good partner. They became co-owners and Triple Play Car Wash opened in 2008.

Although new to the industry, he learned quickly and was soon noticed by NECA. After just one year as an Operator Director, he was invited to serve as Treasurer and to move up the leadership ranks, eventually serving as President from 2015 through 2016. We all know Dave as a passionate, driven individual who, when he gets involved, gives 100%. He can see the big picture, envision the future and chart a path to get there. This was apparent from the moment he joined the NECA leadership team.

During his Presidency, with his vision and business skills, NECA charted a new strategic course. His facilitation skills enabled us to move forward with the plan more effectively than ever. In everything he has done, he has provided the focus and leadership necessary to get things done. Even as a past president, he is always present and willing to assist.

Dave's enthusiasm for the industry and learning all he can has not lagged, even while on vacation. While visiting his son who was studying in Amsterdam, his son's roommate wanted to know why they kept washing the rental car.

Dave loves his brown liquors and fitness routine but his personal passion is cars and racing. Last but not least, he is the proud dad of three grown children, 2 daughters and a son.

Please join us in thanking the 2019 "You Make It Happen" honoree. We truly appreciate all Dave Ellard has done and continues to do for NECA.


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