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Maine Sales Taxes Defeated-June 14, 2010

NECA supported this grassroots initiative and are happy to announce that the “YES on 1 Coalition” succeeded. The following is an excerpt of a statement provided by Curtis Picard, Executive Director, Maine Merchants Association, a key figure in the coalition.

The people of Maine have spoken that they do not want a tax shift or a promise of down-the-road relief by voting to repeal LD 1495 on June 8. We look forward to working with the new legislature and governor to craft a tax reform package that will not simply divide Maine taxpayers and businesses as the now repealed LD 1495 was prone to do.

YES on One was a true grassroots effort involving dozens of small business organizations [including NECA] and literally thousands of people who said the citizens of Maine deserve tax reform, not a shift from one tax to another. Throughout the long campaign, the coalition never wavered in its belief that the income tax relief promised by LD 1495 was negatively outweighed by the idea of subjecting scores of services and products to over 100 new sales taxes as well as making Maine’s tax collection system dramatically more complex. Even the strongest supporters of LD 1495 acknowledged that at the very best its approach was only revenue neutral; and in the final analysis advocates of repeal asked: “If it’s revenue neutral, then why not make it equitable?” Maine clearly needs tax relief, not a shift from one source of revenue to another that would have hurt our ailing economy.

The success of this effort is further evidence that one cannot accomplish alone what we can accomplish together. There is power in numbers. We encourage you to become an active member of NECA, our industry association.

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