CLICK HERE to make a pledge in support of NECA's lobbying activities on behalf of the industry during these challenging times.

Pledges of Support

Donations to Offset the Cost of Lobbying in Support of the Industry

In support of our efforts on behalf of the entire New England industry, we are asking for financial pledges. The amount of a voluntary pledge depends on the business and their situation. Suggestions: Larger car wash operators pledge $5,000 and single, smaller operators pledge $500 or whatever they can at this time.

You may select one of the amounts in the pulldown menu and remit payment online using a credit card. Or, you can mail us a check in the amount appropriate for you. We appreciate donations of support in any amount.

This is the power of an association. Working together we can accomplish so much more than individually.

Thank you for your support.

Pledges of Support

Make a donation to offset lobbying costs in support of our industry..

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